Awakening of Dragon Mod Apk + Obb

Awakening of Dragon Mod Apk
Awakening of Dragon Mod Apk Millennia ago, Demon King Baal led the demon horde in the invasion of the Divine Realm. Battle after battle of the gods suffered defeat, and the destruction of the Divine Realm was almost complete. To save their last remaining hopes, the 7 Divine Dragons tore through space-time and traveled to the harmonious land of Arcus. There they used their ability to create a new world and 3 races, humans, elves and dwarves, who lived under the protection of 4 Divine Dragons. As time passed, the power of the Divine Dragon began to diminish and the horde of demons traveled to Arcus through holes in space-time to destroy this land. Only the Chosen One can possess the Dragon Crystal and awaken the power of the Dragon Soul. Only then can the demon horde be defeated and Arcus saved.

Awakening of Dragon Features
- double shape transformation; awaken the sleeping Ancient Divine Dragon
In [Arcus], dragons represent absolute faith and strength. Legend has it that the proud dragon never bowed his noble head until the Chosen One appeared before him with the Divine Dragon Crystal. Ice, Fire, Light, Darkness, Life, Time and Space: open 7 Dragon Gods with our innovative Transformation system. Turn into a dragon and quickly send your enemies with exhilarating game controls.

- Beautiful visuals, explore the world of endless adventure
Misty Forest, Terang Bulan Lake, Frost Tundra, Elf Swamp ... An unprecedented feat for the world's 10,000 km² eyes! 360 ° panoramic flight, immersive graphics, dynamic light rendering, and super sharp particle effects: the Arcus landscape has it all!

- Switch between close range and range class at will
Forget the class of warriors, magicians, and traditional archers. Become an archer who turns into a close-range Divine Dragon to face enemies directly or a warrior who turns into a Magician Dragon to bombard enemies with a spell from afar: The Dragon God Transformation System completely overthrows the traditional class system.

- Dragon Conquest, SvS Dimension Battle
In our innovative [SvS World War] gameplay, players must fight in another world as they struggle alone in this intense and massive multiplayer battle experience. Server vs. Server, Army vs. Army, World vs. World. If you don't want to send, then take your weapon and fight to the death!


Awakening of Dragon Mod Apk + Obb

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