Audistar Mobile Mod Apk (Always master perfect)

Audistar Mobile Mod Apk
Audistar Mobile is the Next Generation of Dance Game that is very popular throughout the world. At Audistar, you can find friends and create your own community. You can also join other communities that already have names to improve your social status. A lounge area is also available so you can hang out with your friends and also find your true love. All FASHION TRENDY at Audistar can make your style cooler so that you can become a Superstar, an IDOL that everyone likes, and even become a trendsetter in the millennium!

★ Special features of Audistar ★

♫ Huge Music List: This game features lots of KPOP, JPOP, and American POP trending songs!

♫ Game Modes: The 2 most famous game modes of all available dance games for you to play. The traditional model is known as "LEGACY MODE" which uses arrows, while the modern mode is known as "DYNAMIC MODEL" uses the popular bubble mode to show off your skills to your community friends!

♫ Fashion Mall: Many types of costumes and accessories, so you can show your character in many styles, simple, casual, cool, so you can be more confident to become an IDOL and TRENDSETTER at Audistar.

♫ Customizable Mode: You can change the FASHION style as you like, from color combinations to add sparkle so your character can be more FLASHY!

♫ Game theme: Provide a nightlife experience. Create energy that will make you feel trendy!

♫ Social: You can share your fame with your friends and show them that you are an IDOL!

♫ Dance Club: A place available for you to build a community or join an existing community that has the same thoughts like you to grow and become famous from Audistar

Audistar Mobile Mod Apk (Always master perfect)

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