Ancient Battle Mod Apk (Unlimited Use of Currency)

Ancient Battle Mod Apk
Ancient Battle Mod Apk In Ancient Battle, only the strongest will dominate and survive on the battlefield. Recruit neutral troops by approaching them on the map, regiments with buffs will be formed automatically when your troops become bigger. But it's not enough to win by just walking around and recruiting soldiers. Find and fight your enemy forces, you will raise up and get all your opposing forces as soon as you defeat them, or they will get your troops.
Easy to control, move with one hand.
Every soldier has unique skills and talents.
Upgrade your army before the battle begins.
Use strategies to avoid initial conflicts with stronger opponents, build up your troops first.
Whoever killed the LAST soldier got all the dead soldiers from the team, so sometimes it's good to take risks.

Ancient Battle Mod Apk (Unlimited Use of Currency)

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