Airplane Flight Pilot Simulator Mod Apk

Airplane Flight Pilot Simulator Mod Apk
Fly with real aircraft through a very detailed open-world flight simulator. Explore landscapes and airports in high resolution with satellite maps, 3D buildings, runways, air traffic, weather conditions, and true volumetric clouds.
More than 150 km² area!
Perform various missions to become a professional airplane pilot.

!! Airplane Flight Pilot Simulator is the ultimate flight simulation with 20 free levels !!

You can drive different vehicles, such as cars, helicopters, and planes.
One of the best airplane flight simulators with dynamic weather conditions and realistic day and night cycles, with clear skies, tropical rain, snow, thunderstorms, wind, turbulence, and true 3D volumetric clouds!

Fly and explore the large open world environment and its unique location, take off from 7 airports, commute from the international airport to the small campaign airport.
There are also many interesting places to explore, such as rivers and lakes, cities, towns, nuclear power plants, ports, Japanese temples, various houses and farms, ruins, camping sites, and much more ...
Drive fast cars on the open road, from the 2x2 lane to the offroad mountain road which is very small, with climbing hills and ravines. Explore the world not only by flying but with a real car driving simulator experience too!

Explore the map and find one of the mission markers to launch the mission. Simply walk to the markers to start missions such as the familiar open-world style gameplay.
Use the minimap that is useful to find out where the mission. Press to expand the entire map. Fly through the open world and explore for hours in one of the best airplane flight simulation games!

Example mission:
- Random flight problems (landing gear problems, engine damage, etc.) To test the actual piloting situation
- Transporting passengers
- Escort the president with Airforce (F-18)
- Help the victim after a plane crash
- Fly through all checkpoints as fast as possible
- Landing on an aircraft carrier
- Learn to take off and land on the runway, and the flight full
- Emergency landing on water
- Control your plane during a storm
- Place banners on your plane to do some advertising
- Race against a helicopter
- Landing your plane when an engine failure occurs

- Weather forecast: clear sky, rain, storm, snow
- Day and night cycle
- The true 3D volumetric cloud system
- Flying turbulence
- Realistic aircraft flight physics
- Intuitive flight controls: button, joystick or accelerometer
- Plane accidents and smoke effects.
- Dynamic lighting and sound effects to re-create a realistic experience
- High-quality world environment with high-resolution satellite imagery
- Realistic aircraft cockpit environment that is very detailed.
- Multiple on-board cameras to get every angle of the jet
- Many choices of aircraft and airlines
- Ultimate race challenge game
- Amazing open-world driving simulator
- Mile road to drift and drive and do jumping action
- Map Information (Distance, Altitude, etc.)
- Fully interactive cockpit environment and controls

Unconditional use of stars to unlock characters

Airplane Flight Pilot Simulator Mod Apk

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