Airline Commander – A real flight experience Mod Apk (Big Rewards) + Obb

Airline Commander – A real flight experience Mod Apk
Airline Commander – A real flight experience Mod Apk Create the best airlines in the world and manage dozens of airlines. Fly from the main hub to open thousands of routes to all the world's major airports.
Generate contracts, complete takeoffs, landings, taxis, and exciting challenges at hundreds of airports with realistic runways and high definition areas.
Increase your automatic income thanks to the routes you open and conquer the sky!

There are hundreds of licenses available to improve your skills. Learn how to use all aircraft controls, and to overcome errors, emergencies, and unfavorable weather conditions. The more you increase the more you get from your airline; Build a definitive fleet amid real-time air traffic!

Airline Commander – A real flight experience Feature:
- Dozens of airplanes to build your definitive fleet: turbine, reaction, single deck or double deck
- Dozens of major hubs with taxi lines to open thousands of routes to all the world's major airports
- Hundreds of realistic airports and runways. Regions and airports with images, maps and high-definition satellite navigation around the world
- Thousands of different situations to handle when taking off, landing, and all phases of taxiing and airborne
- Real-time air traffic, with real airlines, on land, and in-flight
- Simplified flight system with the help of navigation or flight simulation for advanced users
- Realistic SID / STAR takeoff procedures and landings with pushback, taxi and the possibility to move closer to the fingers with an individual display
- Compete against pilots and airlines from all over the world to prove you the best
- Realistic different times of the day with the sun, moon, stars and real-time weather conditions
- Customizable airline livery

Technical details of flight simulators:
- Control tower communications to regulate air traffic and provide assistance
- Take off and land from base to advance and with the Instrument Landing System (ILS)
- Main Flight Display and Navigation Display
- Advanced engine system with startup, disruption and fire fighting
- Fuel management by weight balancing, fuel disposal, real consumption, kiosk, APU and engine pressure
- Autopilot with control of all flight parameters: altitude, speed, heading, and vertical speed
- Sensor, instrument, ASM, fuel tank, landing gear, and engine failures
- Flap, steering, air brake, and radar damage
- Hydraulic faults, tire problems, fire on ships
- Wind, turbulence, and fog with varying degrees of severity
- Severe ice and frost with the ANTI-ICE system
- Weather Radar for managing microburst and errors caused by lightning

Airline Commander – A real flight experience Mod Apk (Big Rewards) + Obb

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