Action Taimanin Mod Apk (Dumb Enemy)

Action Taimanin Mod Apk
Action Taimanin Mod Apk ◆ Synopsis
soon. There is an inviolable principle between humans and demons,
The principles are violated by the fall of man,
Evil humans and demons collided, and the world entered a period of confusion.
べ く To face this space magic crime,
Ninja with superhuman abilities and qualities has been collected.
People call it Taimanin───

A special squadron consisting of anti-Manin was formed to fight the threat of international terrorism and the Makai forces.
The first task assigned to the Special Service Company was to recover biological weapons that were robbed from the US base in Japan.

However, the mission faced an unexpected development, and a special squadron welcomed unexpected allies,
You will face an unexpected enemy.
It is said that the person is related to Taimanin and Asahi Igawa strongest───

◆ Game Overview
Complete action RPG that allows you to carry out interesting techniques with simple button operations.
Players will take command of special squadrons to carry out missions throughout the world.
Reign the best characters in the Taimanin series and defeat the extravaganza evil!

Action Taimanin Mod Apk (Dumb Enemy)

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