Zombie Shooter – Zombie.io Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins + Gems)

Zombie Shooter – Zombie.io Mod Apk
Shoot zombies, Destroy all Enemies !!!

Let you relive feelings, classic memories! The game is designed to be rich in Weapons, Roles, Skills and Endless modes, Summon Pet, and even more game surprises. You will play with exciting control operations, beautiful game scenes, beautiful punch effects, and there are countless surprise awards!

- new calling system, more fun, easier to win
- New VIP system, rich gifts
- background music and sound effects can control separately
- Stage mode adds more types of zombie monsters, bash them
- strengthen the battle effect
- Adjust difficulty and prize monsters, so easy ~

Come on the play, feel the excitement of zombie shooting ~!

Zombie Shooter – Zombie.io Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins + Gems)

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