World Conqueror 2 Mod Apk

World Conqueror 2 Mod Apk
In World Conqueror II you will become a general to complete many important campaigns during World War II and the Cold War. You can fight with or against the famous generals including Guderian, Rommel, Patton, Zhukov, Nimitz, MacArthur, Yamamoto, Montgomery and de Gaulle. It was very impressive to see their unique aces tactics and strengths. Patton and Rommel are famous for their panzer troops, Nimitz and Yamamoto for their aircraft carriers while Goering and MacArthur for their air force - all of them are the only ones. It's your choice to be part of the Axis or Allies in World War II, but only after that, the Cold War scenario can be unlocked. As the campaign continues, different equipment from each country will appear on the stage. German Tiger Tanks and Soviet Katyusha Rockets are the two most powerful weapons, to name a few.

The army can use a variety of supporting tactics including defense, radar, land fortifications and anti-aircraft weapons for more defense. The navy can obtain effective sea power through a combination of destroyers, cruisers, warships and aircraft carriers. Airstrikes, strategic bombings, destructive air forces or nuclear bombs help the air force to destroy hostile defenses.

With more achievements during the war, your commander will grow from a soldier to become a warlord and get special types of medals that help increase the effectiveness of your troops in turn.

## Features ##

- Dozens of scenarios among 4 military groups
[World War II]
The Axis (1939.9)
The Allies (1941.1)
[The cold War]
WTO (1947.5)
NATO (1951.8)
- The 20 greatest top generals join the campaign
- 57 military units available
- 28 tactical instructions
- 34 historical campaigns
- 37 countries and more than 2000 regions involved in the war
- Magnification of the map
- automatic storage
- Up to 16 ranking levels and 18 Honorary Medals

The internal purchase
Select the commander on the homepage to buy the medal.

World Conqueror 2 Mod Apk

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