World Beast War: Destroy the World in an Idle Mod Apk (Increase Gold/Candy/Meat)

World Beast War: Destroy the World in an Idle Mod Apk
World Beast War: Destroy the World in an Idle Mod Apk World Beast War is an empty RPG where your monsters are created, combined, evolved and sent to battle in a war to reclaim Earth. Combine monsters to build the most violent rampage team!
Wild beasts rampage and fight across the screen, including classic monsters like King Kong, Godzilla, and others! Tap your beast to send it to battle or drag it to others to combine them into unique new monsters. Collect lost monsters and their articles to improve your beast and defeat stronger enemies.

Empty RPG mechanics let your monsters fight and level up even when you are gone, and the automatic battle feature allows you to manage the team when the monsters fight. Combine monsters to create powerful beasts, then combine them to create the ultimate monster! Pixel graphics create a retro game atmosphere with all new gameplay and clicker game mechanisms.

Beast battles and apocalyptic action await in World Animal War!


? Monster Game - Beasts Battle !?
- Battle monsters throughout the destroyed city
- Combine wild beasts into powerful new monsters
- Evolution game with epic proportions! Evolve & improve to be scarier
- Improve your wild animals by feeding them delicious meat (don't ask where it came from)
- Collect monsters, including rare mutant animals with special powers!

Silent RPG with Monster Merge Mechanism?
- Upgrade your beast, even when you are not raging
- Destroy the city with your wild beasts - You choose the formation, they destroy!
- The idle clicker mechanic uses a simple drag-and-drop tool to create and enhance your beast team
- Combine dragons, kraken, robots & raccoons - has science gone too far?

? Beastly Buffs - Powerups & Upgrades !?
Strengthen your beast with evil inventions, epic equipment, and rare relics!
- Attack Activation Beverage
- DNA mutates
- Iron fist
- Vitamin Rebuilding Muscle
- Create chaos to find more!

? Monster Simulator - Be the Beast !?
Wild beasts from film history and games unite with unique creatures of slaughter!
- Lizard God
- Gorilla King
- Robot Rampage
- Battle Toad
- Metal Dragon
- Werewolves Boxing
- Manta Flying Rays
- Doom locomotive
- And much more!

Destroy the World, City after City !?
- Rages in the apocalyptic world
- Battle monsters and defeat your enemies
- Destroy 8-bit cities across different landscapes into powder pixels!
- Defeat them with your Monster team and take back Earth!

World Beast War: Destroy the World in an Idle Mod Apk (Increase Gold/Candy/Meat)

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