Witch’s Weapon Mod Apk (MENU MOD/ One Hit/ God Mode)

Witch’s Weapon Mod Apk
Witch’s Weapon Mod Apk Finally, formal service begins!TS × Near the future × Beautiful × Witch × ADV Action

"Everything is a dream! "
The main character is "boy" who has become a "girl" when he wakes up.
One day I saw a world that collapsed, mysterious events that happened one after another, and the "magicians" I encountered through stories
In the darkness of various information agents, what kind of story did the story end? ?

▼ Outline
Found on a certain island in the Pacific Ocean, "Loss Gold" is kept tight at the Steelmount Research Center in New Toyosu City, a university town of six people.
One day, a terrorist attacked a research center and tried to steal gems that were embedded in "Loss Gold". However, shock waves occur when gems are removed. The shock wave turned the entire city into a hellish sight.
However, the protagonist who survives alone stands in a trap of despair, but then in an unexpected development.

▼ Amazing story with responses, volume
"On that day, the world collapsed"
This is a near-term action-adventure that takes place around a hero who has become a "girl" when he wakes up. Feel the incredible original story with more than 400,000 characters and enjoy the world of Witch Weapons!

▼ 2D, 3D graphics & exhilarating 3D action like Anime
Both 2D and 3D are drawn in a cute anime style and are sure that you will be engrossed in the world of Witch-Weapon Weapons! In addition, manipulate cute wizards and enjoy exciting 3D action!

▼ Unique witch
Various "witches" emerged from "De S-style young lady" to "Ancient alchemists". Experience the Spectacular Adventure witches woven with their hands!

– Bypass tutorial before use mod
– You need to Enable Overlay Permission and Storage Permission (if have) on settings in your phone to make menu appears!

Witch’s Weapon Mod Apk (MENU MOD/ One Hit/ God Mode)

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