Voyage 4 Mod Apk (Without advertising) + Obb

Voyage 4 Mod Apk
Voyage 4 Mod Apk Traveling on Russian roads with 12 Russian cars + 4 German cars, go to the ferry in CrimeaStart your trip to Russia from Magadan to Crimea.
- Home and signs based on real-world tracks: P504 "Kolyma" M7 "Volga" M5 "Ural" M51 "Baikal". Some historic memorials.
- Realistic physics and accurate specifications of all cars (including torque graph and gear ratio). Devices that work on every machine + 100% realistic lighting. Mirror. Lights Carefully examine the driver's hand. Only in this game, the controller controls the steering wheel and instruments so realistic!
- More than 30 tuning parts for each engine (on less foreign cars) based on real-life parts. Now, not only engines but also wheels, xenon and other functional!
- Detailed car sounds, and now the game has visual settings!
- 6 popular Russian cars + 2 German cars. A new car will be added later!
- Now the game has turns, forks, and hills.
- Compared to Russian Driver 2: Baikal's schedule has been greatly improved.
- A number of regional Russian traffic regions.
- Dynamic time, clouds, day and night, different weather (including rain).
- Many special settings and consoles for the right optimization.

Voyage 4 Mod Apk (Without advertising) + Obb

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