VGAME Mod Apk (Infinite Skills)

Yes, I'm Kizuna Ai!
Really my game has been released!
I am full of the world of VGAME.
Enjoy "Kizunaai Erosion Collaboration"
Welcome to an eroded world

To get information about your lost friend,
I sneaked into the club with an invitation addressed to the person called "Virato".

There, we know the existence of "the threshold of the world", "strange bodies" that try to attack the real world, and "white wings" that fight those strange bodies. .

You join the white wing to pursue the existence of your good friend, and you will fight the strange.
You will meet various people in it and find the truth hidden in this world.

When you know the truth, you choose ...

◆ RPG future action ◆
Characters with various battle styles appear!
An unprecedented action RPG is finally released! !

◆ Easy refreshing action ◆
Easy combos that can be linked to by repeated clicks!
Determine the time of the enemy attack and defeat the strong counter!
Even if it becomes a pinch, it's a secret reversal! !

◆ high graphics ◆
Explore the beautiful city of the future freely!
Enjoy battles with the best battle graphics in action games!

◆ "VGAME" is recommended for those who like this! ◆
・ Those who like action games
・ People who like RPG
・ Those who are looking for a simple action game
・ People who like the world in the near future
・ Those who want to enjoy a solid story
・ People who like to care for the game to strengthen the character
・ People who want to use their favorite avatars on their favorite characters

VGAME Mod Apk (Infinite Skills)

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