The Last of Plague Survivor Mod Apk (Use of currency without increasing or decreasing)

The Last of Plague Survivor Mod Apk
Mourning from zombies echoes on the streets. Evil hides in dark halls!
You will step into the darkness, kill zombies and try your best to survive to the end!
How many days can you consist? Believe me, you don't know anything about terror!

The Last of Plague Survivor Feature:
 Rich content and funny gameplay
Challenging maps, well-crafted corridors, rooftops, neighborhoods and ten other areas of the scene are waiting for you to explore.
Various game modes - guard mode, limited time survival mode, sniper mode, etc.
Different types of zombies - horror zombies, police zombies, nurse zombies, zombie dogs, etc.
 Various weapons to choose from
You not only have a variety of firearms such as sniper rifles and automatic rifles, but also a variety of melee weapons such as saws and knives. Choose to shoot zombies from a distance or fight against zombies directly? Everything is up to you! Various combat props are waiting for you, and fair use is the key to victory!
 Smooth & realistic game experience
Real shooting experience feels and smooth operation will surely exceed your imagination.
Real 3D sound effects experience a thrilling experience when zombies whisper in your ear
 Unique reward system
A variety of game prizes available for you: gift packages to help you challenge a success. Complete each level to win prizes.
Complete daily missions and get rich prizes for winning awesome weapons that can help fight zombies as soon as possible.

The Last of Plague Survivor Mod Apk (Use of currency without increasing or decreasing)

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