The Glorious Resolve: Journey Peace Mod Apk (A large amount of currency and get it on the second entry)

The Glorious Resolve: Journey Peace Mod Apk
Militants expand their territory in Pakistan with the help of external forces. They tried to destabilize the country but there was one thing they had to fear, "Patriotism of the Armed Forces".

In this darkest hour, all the forces have banded together to eliminate the deadliest threat facing the country. The Army, Air Force, Navy and SSG Command all work together and fight terrorism using their tactical expertise and sophisticated weapons systems.

In this 3D Army adventure shooter, you will be part of an elite military force that fights on the front lines. You will use tactical military weapons to fight the takeover of the area by armed militants. As you progress through this FPS action shooter, you will get the chance to take part in special joint operations, surgical strikes and more. Get ready to face challenges and jump into action adventures that will take you behind enemy lines to the most vicious battlefields of the century.

Now it's our turn to show them what we are made of. Get ready, be part of this noble determination and get rid of the militant army once and for all. Operate and traverse through realistic 3D environments consisting of dangerous mountains, underground tunnels, and dry deserts. Use the deadly missile system, use airstrikes, smoke grenades, hand grenades and much more to defeat the militants.

Take on different roles on the battlefield, pilot Cobra helicopters and eliminate all enemy threats in this thrilling action-packed FPS shooter adventure game.

The Glorious Resolve: Journey Peace Feature:
◉ Powerful military weapons to choose from including machine guns, machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles, and pistols.
◉ Use smoke grenades and airstrikes against militants.
◉ Attractive voice commands.
◉ Unique 3D maps arranged in a realistic environment.
◉ Get medals to unlock and upgrade powerful weapons.
◉ Experience a variety of threats including shooters, snipers, and bazooka enemies.
◉ Compete against top players and move up to the highest rank in the online Leader board.

The Glorious Resolve: Journey Peace Mod Apk (A large amount of currency and get it on the second entry)

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