Taboo: Interactive Stories Mod Apk (VIP Account/Free Store)

Taboo: Interactive Stories Mod Apk
Taboo: Interactive Stories Mod Apk Taboo: Interactive Stories lets you do that! Make important choices - wear beautiful clothes, navigate drama and fall in love. At Taboo, you make your secret dreams come true!
• Customize your avatar - you choose what you look like
• Wear the clothes that you like the most from a variety of choices
• Develop relationships with other characters in the story - will you be friends, enemies or lovers?
• Make choices that will affect the ending - you are the master of your destiny!

Flirt with celebrities, become famous, and find your perfect match at Matchmaker! In a turn of unexpected events, you end up in a famous reality show. With contestants including bad-boy singers, famous Hollywood actors, and your former models, everything will be hot! Are you going to be a teaser who wraps everyone in his finger to win the show, or are you looking for true love? Are you a good girl or a scandalous queen? YOU choose what you want to do!

At Billionaire's Darling, you are a normal college girl until you meet billionaire Henry Lockwood. You get an offer to be his fake girlfriend ... an offer that sounds too good to be true. Henry is a complicated man and his family is full of secrets ... Can you find the truth? Are his feelings for you real, or just for show? Take part in upper-class society, wear expensive clothes, feel steamy moments and discover mysteries, all in one story!

Become a sex goddess and master the tempter in Lessons in Lust! After losing your job, you are desperate and forced to seek help from your former classmates. She's beautiful and rich ... but cold-hearted. He agrees on one condition - you must seduce and damage his rival. To do that, you must change from an innocent girl to a femme fatale, and your new employer is more than happy to teach you. In this new life full of curly passion, can you master the art of seduction and maybe even win someone's heart in the process?

And that's just the beginning! We continually strive to present new and interesting stories for you. Whatever story you choose, hours of enjoyment are guaranteed!

Taboo: Interactive Stories Mod Apk (VIP Account/Free Store)

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