Survival Island: Ultimate Craft Mod Apk

Survival Island: Ultimate Craft Mod Apk
Survival Island: Ultimate Craft Mod Apk Your story begins with a cruise. Unfortunately, there was a terrible accident, and now you are alone on a desert island. But don't despair, because your new friend's parrot is one of the most famous pirates in the world. You will find fantastic stories and quests, many crafts and enemies!
Remember, the main goal - survive at any cost!

🏡 Do you want a cool house or a raft?
Start building now! You can go to various islands, explore the area or build houses on the water. You will find many elements of interior craft and interaction. Click the hammer and let's get started!

🐗 Hunting of animals
The islands are inhabited by dangerous animals. If you want to survive, you have to hunt animals, or animals will start hunting you. Also, don't forget the ocean with sharks. Make a weapon or spear and defend yourself.

🔨 Tools and crafts
Create aids, weapons, buildings, decorations, and resources. You can build a big house or a raft, make production and gather resources or just complete a quest.

🌊 Capture goods and resources with your hook
Many useful resources in the pirate game are right off the coast of the island. Chests and barrels that hover always contain vital resources for survival in the sea and debris is an excellent material for the construction of houses or rafts in marine games.

🦜 Do you want to tell me?
Your new friend, the famous pirate parrot, will tell an interesting story and help you survive on an island in the ocean.

🏝 Survival Island: Ultimate CraftFeatures:
> pirate stories
> island survival
> fishing and hunting
> open world and research
> Hundreds of items and weapons
> weather and cycle changes day and night
> Hungry sharks, bears and boars

A large amount of supplies for completing tasks

Survival Island: Ultimate Craft Mod Apk

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