SmithStory II Mod Apk (High damage)

SmithStory II Mod Apk
SmithStory II Mod Apk Click the sequel to the game "Smith Story"! Finally 3D! Players still play unknown little blacksmiths. In addition to continuing to search for grandfather, he also had to fight rats worshiping.

※ Forging system
Inheriting the previous forging system, the same weapon was used to pursue the strongest weapon

※ Leaderboard
Become the strongest blacksmith and blackmail!

※fish catching
Relax fishing! Big lakes are waiting for players to challenge

※ New City and Adventure
Large maps and various treasures are waiting for you to solve one by one

※ Pet system
The newly added egg incubation system and the pets that follow, more friendship in adventure

※ Mainline branch story
What is the mysterious rat conspiracy?

SmithStory II Mod Apk (High damage)

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