Smiling-X Corp: Escape from the Horror Studio Mod Apk

Smiling-X Corp: Escape from the Horror Studio Mod Apk
Since childhood, you started playing video games, scary games, and survival games. You like killing zombies and evil enemies to survive.

That's the most fun you know. And you always dream of developing your own arcade and action video games, so when they call you from Smiling-X Corp Video Game Studio, you don't hesitate to take the job. You will make your own horror game!

Everything seems simple, puzzles to solve, people to save, some zombies that will chase you, demons, ghosts, villains and heroes.

However, it all becomes a nightmare, when the boss of the company, more demons than others, starts giving you the code to develop a new horror game with parts of the code that you don't understand.

As soon as cold sweat starts to spread throughout your body and you start to see a little dizzy, you can't stop typing in front of the computer, you work endlessly, you can't rest, the devil's software is controlling you, the Boss is drawing up a plan to return zombies to the whole humanity, and his evil secretary helped him achieve his goals.

★ Solve puzzles that you will find around this new horror game in the Studio.

★ Enjoy horror and challenges in an amazing environment playing with your headset.

★ Play in ghost mode to explore fearlessly and open all puzzles.

★ Survival and escape game.

★ Don't forget to save your teammates.

Disabled ad serving;
After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod where you can enable immortality

Smiling-X Corp: Escape from the Horror Studio Mod Apk

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