Skull Magician: Grow Ultimate Magic Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds)

Skull Magician: Grow Ultimate Magic Mod Apk
Clicker Idle Tap game!


Friends argue with each other.

- I'm very easy magic.
- Friend # 1, you are from water magic.
- Friend 2, let's take magic from electric magic to ultimate magic.
- Why?
- It's to see the main miracle quickly!
- Hate it! I'm gonna get burned! No! I will do it!

Meanwhile, my 3 friends entered without notice.

- uh? I have burned, water, electricity, ultimate 3-D?
- …… .. (all silent)

- You are a smoker !? Why so fast!?!?
- Hah. 3,000 won, you know this is a complete deal?

- ....... Indeed. (Yldong is sure)


You master the game.
Then it's time to master colorful magic!

Touch to cast a spell, and when the spell is full, activate the spell!

But is magic usually not brilliant?

No, you made this alone in a month ?!

I can't stop playing.

Faster touch instincts have turned on the game.


I am called the best adventurer in the world.

This is probably the strongest adventure in the world.

However, he fell into a trap during his adventure with his colleagues.

What is this?

It is okay.

It's good to be unhappy that it's not just a skeleton,
The Skeleton Master is the weakest monster who also dies at lower adventure parties.

I am still living in my past life, I will live hard!

- Is there a skeleton sword here?
- Ugh !? Help me!!

However, once I was tempted, I was a wise person and an invitation wizard!

Once I get older, I have to die.

- What? Are you saying that the undead doesn't want to die? Jackpot !!

But something unexpected happened.

- You come here. I will lift you to the best skull.

- What are you doing? come fast! Before you hit the fireball!
- Yes yes!

Strange life begins.


Fantastic reincarnation stories like fantasy fiction.
Even though the difference between reincarnation and past life is complicated, it's like that!

It is stronger than the long wind, brighter than the breath of the dragon,

This is a masterpiece that is attracted to the taste of the developer as soon as it starts to explain it verbally!
Click on the game to burn the holiday!

If you lose contact, you can enjoy high-quality games even if you are left standing!

But there was temperament from the start of this nogada !?

But! Prizes for Nogada are different from other games!

After I got the attention of the first ultimate magic, now it is Go!

Idle or Tap Clicker game.
Grow your skull magician. Super Magic! Defend your skull witch!

Skull Magician: Grow Ultimate Magic Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold/Diamonds)

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