Shining Beyond Mod Apk
Shining Beyond Mod Apk According to legend, "Continent of Feldria" experienced an unprecedented and terrible war. The leader of the fairy "Dark Lord" runs out of traces of the last power and seals the evil witch.
The lost Legion of Magicians did not collapse because of this. The Legion General's "blood leader" replaced the Witch Leader position and founded a monstrous and cruel empire. On that continent, men, women, parents, and children are forced into slavery, and they can only breathe like ants in the dark.

When everything gradually enters into darkness and chaos, those who don't want to surrender, form rebel forces, regroup, and lead those who are oppressed by slavery against the forces of evil on the front lines, and together seek the light of hope for freedom.

Warrior "Jack" was once a slave imprisoned by the Empire. After the rebels freed him from the bottomless pit of death, he took the holy sword in his hand and declared war on the evil empire that had enslaved him; in this dark alien world, igniting a spark of destiny, Departing revolution on behalf of a girl and welcoming the arrival of "World Shine" ...

[Shining Beyond Features]

① Easy to place. Strategic strike
Easy on-hook leveling, without pressure on equipment collection
Dungeons of various themes are not duplicated every day, the best equipment, strong runes, specialty inscriptions are easily taken
Are you worried there are no images for online? Call your friends to help you
Excellent modes and special hero missions lead you to the legendary world of each hero
Copies of guilds, forgotten towers, arenas, and adventure levels add to the fun in the game. Different ways of playing make you unable to put the cell phone.

② Hero development. Full evolution
Each hero has special positions and specialization skills, and through the cooperation of each hero, triggers a stronger damage effect. Customize different formations according to the needs of different levels, each level can experience different fun battles
Warrior: tank on the battlefield, defending against all damage caused by the battle
Thief: High mobility, high melee output, especially launching attacks on the enemy rearguard
Archer: long-range damage from a super-high critical strike, responsible for the main output position in the team
Priest: range healing and mass reduction buff, can also release DOT damage to enemies
Multi-dimensional hero training routes, high-level hero training, transfer of heroes at will: Dragon Knight, Dark Knight, Archbishop, Elemental Envoy, Upanishad, Snipers, Ninja, Naughty

③ full of aroma. visual party
Japanese magic drawing styles and beautiful 2D card images, parting with traditional paper-based 2D standing image battle modes, each hero has a high-precision 3D model, and 3D images allow you to have immersive and deep images. smooth battle experience.
The active skills of each hero and the exclusive Upanishad animation present a visual feast of fists through skill special effects

④ fancy voice actors. Dedication
Blessed by the famous Japanese seiyuu, each hero has special voices, an atmosphere filled with sadness and joy, and the plot of the hero creates a flesh-and-blood character
Chapters of stories with deep substitution give you a deep story experience. As the copy of the story continues, you will unravel the mysteries of the Felderia continent.


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