Senran Kagura: New Link Mod Apk (Auto win)

Senran Kagura: New Link Mod Apk National Hanzo School, secret school of Tachija girls, Shijukutsuki 閃 女 Gakkan, fire Guren Corps.The four suddenly received invitations to the girls from the original power.
It was an invitation to the Shinobu martial arts tournament called the "Shinobi Masters".
Each daughter's speculation in the chest is gathered into a skyscraper to become a battle stage.

Let's make the best of a team of favorite girls who are trained ◆! ◆
A team of five is a set! Aim for the strongest of the title "Mr. Shinobi"!
Senran Kagura: New Link Mod Apk

◆ lead bonds! NEW LINK Battle ◆
Ninpou is triggered by easy operation!
Let Nagiharao enemies by connecting the ninja art with the girls of the girl!

◆ grow according to their wishes! That dress! Customization ♪ ◆
Like "costume", "Accessory", "hairstyle"
Enjoy an unlimited variety of Corde!

Note: this mod is not working on invasion battle due to damage system points also not tested on arena.

Senran Kagura: New Link Mod Apk (Auto win)

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