Schoolgirl Supervisor – Saori Sato Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins and crystals)

Schoolgirl Supervisor – Saori Sato Mod Apk
Schoolgirl Supervisor – Saori Sato Mod Apk You take control of the Japanese high school girl Saori Sato who has just become Sayama Highschool's Supervisor and is respectfully referred to as the Sato Officer.
Even though he wore a distinctive school uniform, no one should question or underestimate his authority. Always beside him, his Sora cat is equipped with a security camera. You will experience the entire role-playing simulation game in the life of a school child.

When you find an extraordinarily detailed environment, you realize that something is not what it used to be. . .

Schoolgirl Supervisor – Saori Sato Features
• Map of Giant High Schools in Story mode (open-world style)
• Amazing Graphics (Screenshot taken from Real Gameplay Footage)
• Easy-to-use Dialog System
• Unique Ideas, Brilliant Arrangements, Extraordinary Storylines
• Adjustable avatars (+10,000 combinations to choose from)
• Customizable cats
• stealth killings
• The ego-shooter perspective (first person) to aim with automatic arrows
• ego mode to explore and find hidden objects
• ability to handcuff/bind bad students (bullies)
• role-playing battle system (with a cooldown, health bars, and damage)
• survival simulation (eating, drinking, going to the toilet, feeding sora and cleaning the toilet)
• plunder property
• Sphere Skill Tree Level System
• complete a unique Story, not just another Yycere Copycat Game
• and much more …

Schoolgirl Supervisor – Saori Sato Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins and crystals)

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