Sakura Mikamijo Mod Apk (Infinite Uprising)

Sakura Mikamijo Mod Apk
Sakura Mikamijo Mod Apk "Sakura Mikamijo" is the story of the 24th Tsuchimikado's family head, Tsuchimikado Kisaragi, and Tsuchimikado Uta.
● Typical Partners
The character that lives and lives.
Each character has their own background and final story.
Improve relationships with partners during the adventure, move forward!
● Collect Cute Shikigami
The enemy can also be friends!
All the monsters in the game can be tamed to Shikigami, as comrades who fight during adventures.
● Easy Control
Play the game with a simple click!
Operate the character through a simple click to defeat the monsters in front.
● Rich Story is like a novel
200 thousand words from the main story and side character stories.
The storyline and character relationship will be very different according to the main character of the player's choice!

Sakura Mikamijo Mod Apk (Infinite Uprising)

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