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RPG Band of Monsters Mod Apk (Unlimited BMP)

RPG Band of Monsters Mod Apk
Befriend monsters with sound power!
Full-scale monster tamer RPG!

A Monster Tamer, Zara, meets a little girl during her training, and gradually becomes involved in a large series of events ...

Sad story
An honest and kind protagonist, Zara.
Mysterious girl, Fene.
An irreplaceable friend, Woff.
All of these characters play their own roles in this epic story.

170+ monsters
This game has more than 170 monsters that you can make friends all over the world! Try to collect them all by taming, mixing and creating new monsters!

Cute Monster Animation
You will note the difference in the expression of monsters during the battle, as well as their attack movements which will make the battle more interesting.

Benign! Mix!
You can increase monsters without limits! It's even possible to make a new one by mixing it!
Create your own party by mixing more monsters!

Online battle
It is possible to fight other Monster Tamers around the world online.

RPG Band of Monsters Mod Apk (Unlimited BMP)