Raidfield 2 – Online WW2 Shooter Mod Apk (Infinite Bullets)

Raidfield 2 – Online WW2 Shooter Mod Apk
Raidfield 2 – Online WW2 Shooter Mod Apk Hey, soldier! Are you ready to take your place in Raidfield 2 ?! This game will take you to WW2

Raidfield 2 displays the following features;
- You can play with your friends.
- You can control tanks, planes and tower vehicles.
- Customizable soldiers
- Daily Goals
- 16 Weapons and +40 skins
- 8 different battlefield heroes
- The legendary battle of WW2
- 4 types of combat vehicles from various countries: the US, Russia, Japan, and Germany!
- In Conquest mode, you must proceed with your unit to win battles and capture three territories on the battlefield.
- With War supply points, you will win on the battlefield, you can use destructive war vehicles on the battlefield.
- World war polygon style battlefield
- With tanks and bombers, you can destroy all houses on the map.
- You can develop your army, tanks, and aircraft with war supply scores and you can become a wanted soldier from the battlefield.
- Amazing World War 2 experience

This will reward you with the success of the battlefield, giving fear to your opponents.
This award;

- 42 Medals
- 30 ratings (Private to General)
- Character levels up to 150 '
- You will get additional points when your achievements are complete.

Raidfield 2 – Online WW2 Shooter Mod Apk (Infinite Bullets)

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