Mission Infiltration Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/God Mode/ADS Removed)

Mission Infiltration Mod Apk
Welcome to mission game lovers, get this top action-packed thriller in the best action game category. Your country is at war and you have been assigned a stealth project where you have to use your sniper skills to the full. You are equipped with ak 47, sniper rifles, and other extraordinary weapons that you will not find in other gun games. In this new igi game, you have to enter the enemy base unnoticed because sniper experts everywhere are looking for you. This commando mission has graphics like PC games and controls that are easy to use.

You don't need wifi because we have developed it for offline players. You can choose the level of difficulty according to your needs. If you are a pro sniper, then play in hard mode to experience sensation and action. This mission is not impossible, this is your chance to become a war hero for your country in a real 3d mission.

Challenging and action-packed new FPS shooting missions make this action game stand among the actions of 2020. You will play as a soldier in command of the army to eliminate all enemies and capture bases. You are an expert soldier with the command of elite forces, this is your chance to come to the forefront and lead an active battle. You have to do many roles in this game as a sniper, the best attack shooter. This free offline thriller is best among new shooting games with a gun. This game is for everyone, whether you are male or female.

The top-ranked 3D fps game with modern tactical action is now available online.

Try new missions and challenge challenges with unique turns at each turn. This action-packed command operation is designed to immerse you in every exciting moment. You will experience the best intense 3D battles where survival is very difficult and your fast controller skills are tested to the maximum.

Jump down from military planes at enemy hidden bases successfully. Prepare to enter the enemy camp with unknown weapons and battle ammunition. Your best chance is to continue shooting until the mission objectives given to you by the world secret organization are complete. Don't be afraid to bring out all your best-hidden fps action game player skills to complete this online mission.

Feel the sensation of classic and unique modern fps commando action with advanced animation physics. Explore the environment with easy-to-handle controls to find enemy locations in this free online 3D game. Advance further into the gameplay to fight with enemy soldiers with stealth and military techniques.

Mission Infiltration features:
- Lead to victory as in the best new 2020 game
- Ingenious Graphics to compete with top pc and army action
- New 3D fps shooter experience with intense battle scenarios with distinguishing scenes such as compounds, bridges, & survival sites.
- Amazing graphics that compete with other best action games
- Unique gameplay to stand out among other top sniper games
- Become the best sniper rifle player by completing challenging missions with strategic battles and survival tactics.

Modern weapons
- Ammunition and extensive weapons (AK-47s, shotguns, pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns) with weapons upgrade the property for an easy victory.

Easy controller
- Simple and smooth controls for the most addictive 3D sniper fps game experience.

Sound & Music
- Intense survival sounds with immersive action sounds make this target shooting arena gameplay fun for players for a long time.

Mission Infiltration Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/God Mode/ADS Removed)

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