Mega Summoner Mod Apk (x50 DMG/GOD MODE)

Mega Summoner Mod Apk
Mega Summoner is a fantastic adventure of comic characters on mobile. Dozens of classic Japanese comic stars meet in the same world and arouse your childhood passion with new stories. Various formation tactics and combo skills give you thrilling gameplay that you've never experienced before. Bring your friends to receive Ninja Training, find treasure in the Dragon Ruins, or take a few rounds with your good friends in Arcade Classics. There is nothing you cannot do in this fantastic world. Manga Stars are waiting for you! Come and join the best multiplayer action RPG online battle arena.

Use your wisdom to create the best formation, find the most appropriate time to cast your skills, and exercise the most efficient combination of skills. Everything depends on your command. Do whatever you like in this hot anime gacha game! Reveal a mysterious main story, take part in a blood-soaring competition, or fight for the honor and glory of your guild!

Manga star families, classic scenes, and interesting plots will bring your beautiful memories back! However, this time, the comic heroes you admired before needed your help! This time, collect anime stars to build your own team and challenge your friends in this real battle.

Game Features:

Classic anime characters of all time
More than 50 anime heroes are waiting for you on the pilgrimage. Realize your childhood dreams, recruit your favorite characters with the new Gacha system. Friend or foe, let's join the battle now.

Customize your own hero and team
You can customize the hero as you wish, and play like a boss in certain modes. Heroes have different roles in the game, but rules are made to be broken. Why can't Support be a Sharpshooter?

Challenge the epic boss
Various epic bosses share different attributes. You might not match the epic boss on battle power, but don't worry! You are on your way to become more resilient. Even though you might not defeat them, you still have a chance to get abundant prizes by challenging them.

The new Gacha system
Collect gems to Gacha for rare gifts to add to your collection! Various types of special events, the possibilities are endless! It's all about making sure your gacha lasts as long as possible.

Mega Summoner Mod Apk (x50 DMG/GOD MODE)

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