Maze Machina Mod Apk (Free Ads Enter Unlocked Mode)

Maze Machina Mod Apk
Maze Machina is a turn-based swiping puzzler.

At Maze Machina, you play as a little hero trapped by an evil Automatron in his ever-changing mechanical maze.

Imprisoned for Automatron entertainment and tied up by its electric power, you must use the tools and tricks offered by the labyrinth to overcome endless danger. Instead of conflict, only intelligent decisions and smart movements will allow you to escape.

Maze Machina combines simple turn-based swipe to move mechanics with a tile-based item system that allows an endless combination of tactical attacks, defense and utility moves on small 4 × 4 squares. Short game sessions allow for blast fast strained gameplay that you can jump in or out from every point. In various modes and high score challenges, you can measure your skills against other players.

the features
- Simple swipe to move gameplay
- The deep tactical tile-based item system
- 5 different game modes
- 5-10 minute game session
- Online high scores and leaderboards

Maze Machina Mod Apk (Free Ads Enter Unlocked Mode)

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