Magia Record English Mod Apk (Always Player Turn/ High Damage)

Magia Record English Mod Apk
Magia Record English Mod Apk About Magia Notes: Puella Magi Madoka Magica Side Story
The girls in the world of Magia Record can become Magic Girls, creatures who are tasked with fighting Magicians for the rest of their lives, by making contracts and getting one of their wishes granted.

Strange things have started happening in the developing city called Kamihama. The Magic Girls had begun to gather as if they were led by a mysterious force, and their endless battles continued to ensure there.

"Has Ui been removed from existence?"
Iroha Tamaki, a Magic Girl, is trying
find out what happened to his sister.

"If I could find out what's happening here, I might save Madoka ... "
Homura Akemi, also the Magic Girl, was searching
for how to save his most valuable friend.

A new hope is born when their feelings cross.

About Gameplay
Create your own team of Magic Girls
and fight through stories!
Use Disks (Commands), Magical Formations,
Expertise, and Magia (Special Attack) to win even
The most difficult battle.
Adventure through three types
a story featuring more than 30 unique magical girls!
1) Main Story
Follow Iroha as she hunts down her sister, Ui.
2) Another Story
I traveled with Madoka and her friends through different timelines.
3) Magic Girl Story
Learn more about each Magic Girl by
struggling through their own unique story.

Magia Record English Mod Apk (Always Player Turn/ High Damage)

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