Lord of Dungeons Mod Apk (Weak Enemy)

Lord of Dungeons Mod Apk
Lord of Dungeons is a new concept simulation game managing and fostering 24 hours. A player becomes a 'master' and helps 'battle, exploration, station, monster'. To become an emperor, Players perform many missions such as ‘Attack / Defense dungeons, city management, dungeons, Exploration, Alliance, Boss Attack, Travel, Adventist events, and Ranking warfare every week.

★ More than 300 friends, catch monsters!
The player manages the 'Battle, Exploration, Station, Monster' system and grows more than 300 friends with 30 types of jobs such as Archers, Shields of Knights, Magicians, Adventurers, Healers, Blacksmiths, Tool Makers, Treasurers, Tax Collectors, Glacier Explorers, Mountain Explorers.
This will fulfill the intellectual desires of players who like 'thinking and strategy' by completing missions such as 'Battles, Exploration, Stations, Monsters' by gathering more than 10 friends.

★ This is an SLG game that can be played without major problems. Various missions and Free Resources.
Eat, sleep, play LOD! ‘Dimension Cubes’ - Five wild boss monsters waiting for you! ‘Big and outrageous Field Boss + Boss World Alliance 'touches the touch of your self-esteem and tests the personality of Alliance members! Test your party skills through 18 floors of hell and 12 gates in "Crack of the Dimension!"

★ 100 exploration areas, more than 120 dungeons! 24 hours is not enough to play !!
'Lord of Dungeons' is a new concept of a 24-hour underground management simulation game that allows you to manage more than 100 exploration areas and more than 120 dungeons. Explore new areas, fight with players around the world, complete for the throne of the most powerful ruler. A player can greet or capture monsters to increase combat power when the player encounters monsters.

★ A game to learn about city management, profit research, personnel, and the economy!
Build and develop various facilities such as ‘banks, drinks shops, restaurants, hospitals, markets, baths, universities, parks, public stores, and libraries in the city. Trade at auctions, accumulate extraordinary wealth, recruit friends, and expand your dungeon with gold and resource facilities.

★ Various coaching content, Let's become all emperors!
A player can increase the quantity and profit of a facility by expanding the city and can save time and resources by establishing "Associations" when all requirements are met.
Become an 'Emperor' that cannot be ignored by anyone, because it enhances your research, construction, education, management and trading capabilities with the 'Industry' system while increasing your 'Title'.

Lord of Dungeons Mod Apk (Weak Enemy)

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