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Legend of Heroes : Eternal Arena Mod Apk (MENU MOD/ DMG MULTIPLE/ DEFENSE MULTIPLE)

Legend of Heroes : Eternal Arena Mod Apk
This ancient land is full of blood and rancid. Demons hunt humans and turn them into demons. Witnessing a devastating tragedy, the survivors formed a team to hunt demons and save other survivors. From then on, the heroes began to fight endlessly with demons ...

Legend of Heroes : Eternal Arena Feature:
-3D Micro Operations Real-Time & Strategic RPG, combining classic MOBA operations (click to move) and automatic combat system. You can choose freely to become an operational master or just a labor-free player. NEVER PAY TO WIN!
-70+ heroes with different abilities, more than 100 beautiful skills, and more than 1,000 heroes.
- Beautiful 3D characters and scenes, a strong sense of percussion, and beautiful skill effects ... All will give you a deeply immersive experience.

10s online Real-time matching, fast fighting in 3 minutes, and competing with global players. Conquer the whole world of legends!

Individual battle :
-Arena: Compete with global players anytime, anywhere.
-Honor Battlefield: Real-Time Match with global online players and win the highest award with strength.
-Mining: You can capture other players' resources after defeating them through "Looting" or "Occupy".

Team Battle :
-World Boss: Work with players around the world to challenge demons that are very powerful. Win rare prizes!
-Guild war: Fight against other guilds with guild members and become a leaderboard.
-Guild Boss: Join a guild and kill strong guild bosses one by one with guild members.
-Real-time Colosseum: Match teammates and enemies online in real-time, start a 2V2 team battle NOW!

Nearly 30 chapters of the main track, more than 400 well-designed stages. Build an epic hunting team right now!
-Adventure: Divided into general and elite, passing through different dungeons, getting prizes from different values. The secret you must know, there are some hidden stages, will you find it?
-Materials: You can obtain different properties and resources needed for the growth of heroes by challenging "guild attacks", "hero trials", "guild attacks", "demon treasures", and "ancient relics".

Cultivating Heroes:
Train your hero through "Advanced", "Boost", "Skill", "Talent" and "Artifact", join some powerful lineups to build your epic super team!

Shut up:
When you are AFK, select "Mercenary Camp", your hero will automatically fight and explore everywhere in the game world and bring you lots of loot.

Legend of Heroes : Eternal Arena Mod Apk (MENU MOD/ DMG MULTIPLE/ DEFENSE MULTIPLE)