Idle Army Base Mod Apk (Free Upgrade/Free Purchase)

Idle Army Base Mod Apk
Idle Army Base Mod Apk  Create the greatest military base ever in the world! You enter the military training camp as a person on your first day and there is no time to be quiet because you go through your steps and a series of training challenges to graduate, ready for military action around the world!
Make money as you progress through army training at your base and then manage the expansion of your camp, where you increase the value, speed, capacity and queue size of all training areas. This will be a rollercoaster ride, but without space for lazy or unemployed cadets, you will love to grow and improve your military base.

Here are some challenges that you must complete before graduating:

TRAINING YARD - get fit when you head to Work Yard to get your heart rate with crunches, star jumps and more.

URBAN DEVICES - be alert when you undergo SWAT training in combat training from house to house.

JUNGLE WARFARE - get ready for adventure in the jungle as you get out of the helicopter and stay around before you drop the rope into the forest.

ARCTIC WARFARE - a warm wrap as you control your heart rate, take shelter from falling snow and aim directly at the Arctic tundra.

GUN HEAVY MACHINE - hear a knock, knock, knock on a heavy machine gun when you practice.

ARTILLERY HEAVY - boom, boom, boom - it's time for big weapons to release hell.

CHEMICAL DEVICES - wear your mask, breathe carefully and watch your steps and make sure you know your way around foggy gas.

ARMY - this is for big boys (and girls), where you aim your tank to release large weapons to cause maximum damage. Big impact!

DESERT WARFARE - hot, hot, hot and heavy sand. So you have to pass a wooden plank. You don't race here, but speed is fun!

NAVAL WAR - You may have to be a tycoon to buy a ship, but you must have confidence in the high seas, so be prepared to get wet!

EXPLOSIVE TRAINING - pull the pin and throw it for your life when the grenade is flying and the explosion is huge!

PARATROOPER - Your evolution of cadets will be necessary when you free fall from the plane and land in the target zone. Tycoons don't need to register!

OBSTACLE COURSE - a real adventure for you unemployed capitalists out there - you have cargo nets, monkey bars, muddy lakes, and climbing ropes - true proof of your fitness.

Idle Army Base Mod Apk (Free Upgrade/Free Purchase)

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