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Hunting Simulator Game. The hunter simulator v6.12 Mod Apk

Hunting Simulator Game. The hunter simulator Mod Apk  We love making this game as realistic as possible - join us to make it happen! Walk, find, aim, shoot - be a hunter.

This game includes:
* Base camp + 8 maps (Turkey, US, Russia, Spain, Italy, France, Canada, Belarus)

* Range of shooting with clay pigeons shooting skeet and Target Shooting

* 8 weapons (Shotguns 16 / 12g / 12v / 12 semi Semi Auto + .223 / .308 / .338 rifles with coverage)
* Ballistic calculator with wind shift
* Different types of projectiles

* 8 animals
Moose hunting / deer hunting
Hunting of pigs / boars
Deer hunting
Hunting for bears
Calf hunt
fox hunting
Wolf hunting
Rabbit / Rabbit hunting

* 4 birds
Goose hunting
Woodcock hunting
Duck hunting
Hunting for pigeons

Feel the hunter's call
* Call bait
* Binoculars with different zoom and distance calculations
* Gun animation reloaded

Unlimited Money
Shopping is possible even if you don’t have enough money.