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Hunters & Puzzles Mod Apk (1 HIT) + Obb

Hunters & Puzzles Mod Apk
Hunters & Puzzles Mod Apk A classic hunting adventure with a fast and simple fight 3! Hunt monsters, take their part, collect materials, and craft weapons! Build your village and form an invincible hunter team!

The hunt is ongoing!

[Hunters & Puzzles Features]
• Hunt for Ferocious Monsters
√ Clean pieces of elements to release attacks and cool combos
√ Use skills to break the monster's part and get rare drops
√ Fight multi-phase battles with other hunters

• Explore Mon'straya
√ Find, track and hunt monsters on this continent with a variety of habitats and climates
√ Complete the investigation, gather clues and solve ancient monster mysteries
√ Defeat epic monsters in a sudden Urgent Hunt

• Building a Citadel
√ Build and expand your hunter's village

• Get Cunning
√ Hunt for monsters, gather materials and have your feathered blacksmith make a legendary weapon
√ Craft useful items to help you hunt

• Form a Hunter Team
√ Recruit skilled Hunters and build an unbeatable expedition team
√ Upgrade and strengthen your Hunters and give each of them a unique fighting style

• Worldwide Arena
√ Test the courage and battle of your players from all over the world in the Arena

Hunters & Puzzles Mod Apk (1 HIT) + Obb