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Homeless Demon King Mod Apk (One Hit/God Mode)

Homeless Demon King Mod Apk
Homeless Demon King Mod Apk The Demon King was defeated by a Human soldier and lost his palace.

The Demon King makes a living by working part-time in a convenience store, and no day passes without Humans humiliating him in a certain way.

He was so stressed that he became bald and dumped by his girlfriend.

He was desperate when he realized that his people were also being harassed by Humans. He made a decision

to reclaim his palace from the damned Human hero!

* Game Features

Brilliant world featuring the Demon King as a hero and unique images!

-This game is very easy so you don't need a tutorial!

-No limit on developing the Demon King. Revolutionize him as much as you want!

-A unique and reliable friend with strong skills!

* Play Tip

-Remove the Steel Knight on the 100th floor and you will be eligible for Succession.

-Once you reach floor 100, you can collect the Demon King Signet once every 10 floors after defeating boss monsters.

- The higher the floor, the more Signet Demon King you can find.

-To revolutionize your character, you must fill your Soul gauge with Soul Stones.

-Every friend has his own strong skills.

Homeless Demon King Mod Apk (One Hit/God Mode)