Harmony: Music Notes Mod Apk

Harmony: Music Notes Mod Apk
Harmony: Music Notes Mod Apk Harmony: Music Notes is a brainteaser puzzle game that combines artistic features and addictive gameplay where you need to tap on the box to make beautiful symmetry. Every part you tap will produce a musical sound, giving the illusion that you really play the piano.

Your mood will change as you explore 24 different worlds and complete more than 1000 levels! Soothing music and intelligent symmetry will create the ultimate environment and will not allow real-world elements to destroy this extraordinary sense of harmony.

Harmony: Music Notes is a journey through an abstract and minimalist universe, where your logic and creativity skills are your only type of fuel. On the journey, you will experience different challenges and enjoy many hours of fun! After a perfectly balanced puzzle, order and peace will scream loudly and you will live to spread more and more levels of harmony.

Stretch your fingers, release your stress and embrace Harmony!

• Based on a simple gameplay, piano sounds, and beautiful symmetry, Harmony gives you hours of fun and close encounters with art;
• Simple rules to learn and complex problems to deal with level by level;
• A relaxed and deep atmosphere, where evocative music and design take an important role;
• Every time you need to draw your own strategy to complete more than 1000 levels and unlock 24 worlds!
• Oppose your logic skills as you progress in different environments and more difficult challenges;
• Free to play, Harmony allows you to get and buy instructions for use at complicated levels.

● Vip Feature Unlock.
● Unlock All Levels.
● Infinity Tips.
● Disable InAppBilling Service.

Harmony: Music Notes Mod Apk

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