Galaxy Raid Mod Apk (A lot of G)

Galaxy Raid Mod Apk
One peaceful day in the future, galaxies are invaded by unknown dark forces, wiping out many galactic civilizations. The Galaxy Congress is dead altogether. To counter this dark force, a group of pilots quietly formed a resistance force, named "Galaxy Raid", to conduct rescue operations on various planets.

Galaxy RaidFEATURES:
- Various Weapons: A spaceship can carry up to seven weapons and five defense gears. You have the opportunity to customize your invincible plane with various weapons!
- Complicated skills: Your aircraft will be upgraded in battle during each rescue mission, get random yet strong skills that will make the plane bolder!
- Big Boss: Well-designed bosses and strong guards make rescue operations more challenging and amazing. Hell bullets will definitely make a lot of fun!
-Best Gears: Various good gears are scattered in every corner of the galaxy and are said to be able to greatly increase the combat power of your aircraft. It's time to send in an exploration force to find great equipment!

Galaxy Raid Mod Apk (A lot of G)

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