Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Mod Apk (Free shopping) + Obb

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Mod Apk
WARNING! Z-Virus is leaking! Z-Virus is leaking! Z-Virus is leaking!
In just a few days, most humans have been infected. All that was left was countless bodies and zombies roaming around. But you, the hero who grew up on Judgment Day, became a survivor to complete your mission.

* Find Family in Doomsday *
Your beloved wife and daughter disappear in doom. To find it, you must travel through different areas and remove zombies along the way. The road is very confusing. Be brave, soldier!

* Zombie Massacre Party *
Kill or get killed, you have no choice! Infected zombies are everywhere, and you must be a cruel killer. Carry your gear and weapons, enjoy a slaughter party with your soaring adrenaline. Splattered blood and a zombie brain explosion will become your trophy. Kill everyone NOW!

* Scavenger Supplies & Weapons *
Arm yourself and be prepared to fight anytime. Search supplies such as food, drinks, equipment, and weapons on the entire map. Various weapons are waiting for you to choose.

* Build a decent System *
In Doomsday survival is the most basic goal. Use your camp to collect food, water, wood, etc., learn about different crafts and create your own shelter. Remember, you are Fury Survivor!

Fury Survivor: Pixel Z Mod Apk (Free shopping) + Obb

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