FictIf Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins/Keys)

FictIf Mod Apk
FictIf Mod Apk FictIf allows you to play as the main character in this immersive interactive romantic story collection. Choose one of three interesting characters to love in this visual novel. Or travel with each character and discover each alternative reality while experiencing a new character path in their universe. Enjoy each story with individual and original art. Play the story your way, and make your own choices that affect the outcome of the game.
From the company that brought you the popular visual novel "The Arcana: A Mystic Romance."

With FictIf, you can:

• Choose your pronouns
• Choose from many characters for romance in the same story (or play them all!)
* Make your own choices that affect your interactive story experience
• Read alternative perspectives of each character
• Experience alternative realities in the same world
• Immerse yourself with original art for each story
• Read a growing library of stories with new chapters that are updated frequently

Our favorite stories include:

LA DAMA ROJA -You inherited your grandmother's vineyard after her unexpected death. Only you receive an anonymous letter threatening to kill you because they killed their grandmother if you didn't leave. You have to find out who killed your grandmother, and why they came out to get your vineyard!

LAST LEGACY - When you, an ordinary cosplayer, get caught up in a fantasy game, you have to use reason, magic, and understand the genre to survive. Team up with a group of impossible heroes including a mischievous witch, a soul knight, and mysterious mercenaries to fight the forces of evil and find their way home.

ROADKILL - After graduating from college in New York City, four artistic friends decided to move west to Hollywood. They packed their van and started the cross-country journey of their dreams. But when a strange incident brings every horror movie villain alive, they face their nightmare. With the monsters stalking the brave and wide nation ahead, our heroes must make a decision: Run, Hide, or Fight?

TWO AGAINST THE WORLD - When your local cinema runs a gangster film marathon all night, you are thrilled to have the opportunity to watch a timeless classic film on the big screen again. As soon as you enter the theater, you find yourself truly transported to your favorite era on the silver screen, where you are seduced by your favorite cinematic character on the wrong legal side: a cunning gangster from the 20s, a femme fatale mysterious from the 40s, slick action heroes from the 80s. Each of these villains offers you adventure straight from the film, and you must decide which role stars you best.

FictIf Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins/Keys)

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