EverMerge: Merge & Build A Magical Mod Apk

EverMerge: Merge & Build A Magical Mod Apk
EverMerge: Merge & Build A Magical Mod Apk Welcome to the kingdom of frozen in the fog and waiting to be revealed through the combination at every turn! In the world of this storybook, your favorite legends like Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, and MORE are waiting for you to join in and join in completing quests that will help their magical world come alive. There are no dragons or villains in this ridiculous world - just one fantastic amalgamation after the next!
Combine in combinations of three or more to build a pleasant surprise - candy falls from a tree, a wheat field full of resources, and a booming mine with tons of treasure to turn into a bigger merge. Match the same items to find new story characters through their fairytale items. Combine axes to reveal the powerful Paul Bunyan, combine diamond-studded combs to see the shining Rapunzel, and more! SURPRISE - this hero has a special touch!

But that's not all! Combine coins and gems for more prizes, trees of all shapes and sizes, candy for delicious snacks to make, magic wands that open up more land, and treasure chests that grow in size. The more you join, the more land you can find to build the best storybook city in the fairytale kingdom!

Create a great merge and build your fantastic collection! With each puzzle merging and searching comes more magic gifts and new heroes to add to the city! This is not the type of Ever After - joining to make the world happy forever!


• Create a HUGE merge with the LIMITLESS merge!
• Every object can join, change, and join into new surprises
• Join to unlock land and recipes, clean up misty land, discover a new evolution
• 1 happy home - all the best combination in one fantastic country

• Storybook characters WITH ATTITUDE! Sleeping Beauty needs a cup of coffee and Puss N 'Boots hates the name' kitty '
• Logs combine into the cabin and the cabin joins to the big house
• Coral Castle, Bulan Palace, Forest Hut, and MORE
• Wheatfields, carrot fillings, candy trees, and cornfields are extraordinary gifts
• Magic crates explode with fantastic rewards

• A new search is always waiting!
• Open chests, collect coins and make recipes for daily prizes
• Unicorn limited time! Play the merging event to meet other magical friends
• A new way to match! Each puzzle has a special treat!
Challenging hundreds of levels
A good basketball collection
6 different basketball courts with beautiful views
4 innovative tools help you to reach levels easier.
3 game modes added career, 1v1 and mini-game.

menu mod
free buy energy ( watch video )

EverMerge: Merge & Build A Magical Mod Apk

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