Energy Blast Mod Apk

Energy Blast Mod Apk
【How to play】
Tap in the center of the marker to shoot Energy Blast.

Destroy as many meteorites and planets as you can, using the attack button.

You can get the amount of money that matches your score

Use your money to improve skills, strengthen Energy Blast and break high scores.

Level up to release more skins and types of actions.

How far can you reach with your Energy Blast?

Energy Blast Features:

・ A simple and addictive game that can make you feel satisfied when you destroy a planet.

・ You will never be bored with various improvements such as player skin and type of action.

・ Colorful design and cool action.

・ Earnings can be collected even when offline, making it impossible to stop playing.

When using enough gold coins to upgrade
The gold coins will not decrease but increase

Energy Blast Mod Apk

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