Enemy Waters: Submarine and Warship battles Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Oil)

Enemy Waters: Submarine and Warship battles Mod Apk
Enemy Waters is a cat and mouse game between submarines and ships. Command and maneuver your fleet as you face waves of pirate battleships John. Conquer the Sea Port and Oil Well by defeating enemy warships. Expand your influence and get the best submarines or battleships to face the increasing intrigue of the Little John Pirate

Ambush and destroy the Pirate John convoy by laying a perfect trap. Expect no less than the feared pirates when you take on the role of captain and escort your own warship or submarine to safety

Ping sonar to identify underwater submarines and drop depth costs on them, before they release salvo torpedoes on your battleship

As captain, it is up to you whether to run quietly on your submarine and sneak past the Pirate john warship, or reach the port or the right side of the ship and release the torpedo directly to the battleship

Simulating level controls will allow you to control the depth of your submarine

Simulated controls will also let you dive into deeper waters when you are released from deep cargo from enemy battleships

Deploy and battle warships and submarines from World War 2, the era of the cold war, and now


Tench Class: Submarines built for the United States Navy. Also used by the Brazilian, Turkish and Pakistani navies. They witnessed battles in World War 2 and the Liberation War of Bangladesh

Oberon: Built for the British Navy. Popular as a submarine museum

DaphnÈ: A diesel-electric submarine built in France for the French Navy. Mainly used for patrol by the French Navy. Has rear torpedo launch capability

Foxtrot: Foxtrot is the name of NATO reporting. Built by the Soviet Union. See action during the 1971 war between India and Pakistan (the 1972 liberation war of Bangladesh) by the Indian Navy. Known to be very good at running still

Kilo: Built by the Soviet Navy. Kilo is the name of reporting NATO. Operated by the Russian Navy and Indian Navy. See action during the Cold War period

Akula: First deployed by the Soviet Union Navy and then the Russian navy, nuclear-powered Akula. Operators are Russian and Indian (leased). developed towards the end of the cold war

Los Angeles: Nuclear-powered fast attack submarines from US Navy command. Increased silent running

Arihant: With its nuclear-powered ballistic missile capabilities, Arihant was developed for Indian Navy forces. Has a missile mounted above

Yasen: Built to replace the Soviet Soviet-era fleet. Can launch missiles

Virginia: The most sophisticated sub ever built. They are expected to be in combat-ready conditions until 2070


The Flower Class: Used as a warship during World War II, especially with the British and French navies as anti-submarine convoys during the Battle of the Atlantic. I also served in the role of escorting Warships.

Evarts: Used by the US Navy as a destroyer and convoy of escort roles during World War 2

Whitby: Frigate of the British Royal Navy, which began operations after the Second World war

Commandant Riviere: Battleships built for the French Navy. Can patrol overseas during peacetime and anti-submarine escorts during wartime

Petya: Petya is the NATO name for this warship. Designed for anti-submarine warfare in shallow water. Operated by the Soviet Union (soviet navy, and later the Russian navy), Indian navy, and Vietnamese navy during the cold war. Still active in the Vietnamese navy.

Leander: British Royal Navy warship for the anti-aircraft role. Also operated by the Indonesian Navy and the Pakistani Navy

Espora: Argentine Navy warships were built in Argentina based on German designs

Braunschweig: Built by the Germans. Under NATO's command, this war-ready warship was built to carry out coastal operations

Kamorta: Built for the Indian Navy. Anti-submarine Corvette with hidden capabilities. Has anti-aircraft missiles and various sonar. Fight against Somali pirates

Enemy Waters: Submarine and Warship battles Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Oil)

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