Dust Settle 3D-Infinity Space Shooting Mod Apk (A lot of life/money/Without advertising)

Dust Settle 3D-Infinity Space Shooting Mod Apk
Dust Settle 3D - Infinity Space Shooting Arcade Game is a free space shooter game. Tap with your fingertips to destroy all types of space dust. Don't get hit by galaxy dust, dodge and shoot them with your spaceship. Remember to develop spaceships, weapons, and collect coins to build and arm your space forces. Ride your own fighter to defeat the evil alien army.
There are many types of space invaded by aliens lurking around the galaxy, looking for opportunities to invade inhabited planets. The whole galaxy is on the brink of a space war, humans fight aliens. Caption FalconπŸ¦…, Commander of the Galactica, is gathering his elite troops. Join the Falcon army and do your best to hold the enemy from the Outer Rim.
"Shoot them! Upgrade your squad with different weapons and blast through a swarm of enemies!"

Dust Settle is a space shooter game with lots of adventure :
- Different Types of Dust: Normal Dust, Elite Dust, Mini-Boss, Super Boss.
- Lots of 3D Fighter Aircraft & Spaceships: Each ship has its own expertise. With higher levels, your fighter and spaceship can unlock more powerful skills.
- Extraordinary Space Experience: Get different superpowers through different items. You can also get shot support from your wingman or superweapon items to help you destroy all invaders and dust in an instant. - Friendly advice: Stay away from red skull items, it will weaken your strength and strength, making enemies harder to destroy.
- No In-App Purchases Are Required: This game is balanced so you can play and be stronger day by day. NO PAYMENT IS REQUIRED but spending a few power items in the application will save you time to proceed further.
- Extraordinary Visual Art: Clear graphics, original 3D spacecraft, and spectacular explosion effects to bring you back to the Galactica era.

"How to play"
πŸ‘‰ Slide your finger to move your spaceship to clear all dust and kill all enemies.
πŸ‘‰ Collect items and gold to improve the abilities of your fighters and spaceship, weapons and weapons.

Dust Settle 3D-Infinity Space Shooting Mod Apk (A lot of life/money/Without advertising)

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