Duskwood – Crime & Investigation Story Mod Apk (Unlocked)

Duskwood – Crime & Investigation Story Mod Apk
Duskwood – Crime & Investigation Story Mod Apk A realistic criminal case featuring real people ... including YOU!🔍 Criminal case investigation game fans, be careful: The next episode of the interactive murder mystery story 🔪❤️ Duskwood is finally available! Begin your adventure and solve the mystery!

It's been 72 hours since Hannah disappeared without a trace. Out of nowhere, his friends suddenly received messages from the missing person's phone. Mysterious messages contain only numbers ... your number!
This is how your investigation story begins: Can you find Hannah? Can you protect your friends and yourself from crime? Outsmart the killer and become a hero in this detective murder mystery story!

🔎 Investigate interesting criminal cases Collect hidden evidence, talk to many different characters and solve mysterious puzzles
🤔 Make decisions/choices Be real! Be yourself! This crime investigation adventure is about you!
🎬 Images, voice messages, mini-games, and videos In addition to text messages and options, you can expect a variety of media and game content
❤️ Find new friends Join the crew and find new friends. But be careful who to trust ...

Join the beginning of the new murder mystery series! Download Duskwood and start your investigative story now!

Duskwood is a sleepy little village surrounded by dense forest. Foreigners rarely get lost in this remote area and when they do, they always describe the place as strange or even scary. Duskwood residents never worry about this. However, in the past 72 hours, things have changed and even among the concerns of villagers are increasing: A girl has disappeared and the mysterious legend that surrounds the ancient forest seems to come alive ...

😱 Realistic & Enjoyable Crime Fiction Play interactive mystery novels with real messenger
🤫 Secret Agent Spy Mode Secretly read other people's chats. Psst ... don't get caught!
🎮 Completely free to play You don't need to spend money if you don't want to
🏆 From the author of Dead, City Duskwood is a new crime detective story game by writers of Dead City that is famous throughout the world. Go into this new investigation story game with thousands of fans!
🧩 Additional crime content and updates. Criminal case games continue to be developed.

Duskwood – Crime & Investigation Story Mod Apk (Unlocked)

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