Driving Zone 2 Lite Mod Apk (Infinite P-point value)

Driving Zone 2 Lite Mod Apk
Driving Zone 2 Lite is a racing simulator with realistic car physics, stunning graphics, and innovative gameplay.

You can choose from a large number of cars, from urban hatchbacks to luxury business sedans and tough sports cars designed for racing. A great opportunity for tuning allows you to visually and technically modify your car. All cars have a body and interior details with a dashboard, which lights up at night, this creates the effect of full presence and realism.

Earn points by overtaking dangerously at high speed, but beware of the police, who will chase you by accident, turn on red lights and go fast. Driving Zone 2 Lite is a racing game for fans of extreme driving.

You have an open game world with dangerous turns and hills, and also unexpected intersections. Drive-in any direction during the day and night, through city streets and rural roads with impressive views. Be careful on winter roads with snow-covered edges of the road, because that will cause drifts and slips. Road traffic lives its own life and obeys the rules of the road. With driving experience, you can increase traffic density, to increase the difficulty of the game.

In the Driving Zone 2 Lite street racing simulator the sound of a vehicle's engine, and also its technical characteristics, match the original. Use the tuning system to improve the technical specifications of your car. For example, buying an engine upgrade will give you speed, setting the sport transmission will open drive selection options, buying a sophisticated suspension, you will be able to modify the ground clearance and wheel camber, nitro mounting allows you to reach maximum speed.

You can improve the exterior of your car. The game contains a large number of settings to change the external and internal elements of the car. Disks, spoilers, air intakes, neon lights on the bottom, steering wheel, and even headlights, all of this and much more can be modified according to your taste. Create your own unique car and show it to the world using photo mode.

Driving Zone 2 Lite Mod Apk (Infinite P-point value)

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