Dragon Raid (Hardcore – idle rpg) Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold / Diamonds / Rebirth Points / Magic Powders /Tickets)

Dragon Raid (Hardcore – idle rpg) Mod Apk
Finally! Hardcore mode launched!
In response to many requests, many strong dragons will appear.
Now ready for a new challenge to get started on a new server!

Receive amazing rewards and defeat the dragon!

*** Special Hardcore Bonus ***
▶ Legendary 4-Star Weapons + 300 Magic Stones
▶ Automatic durability improvement! (Unlimited Repair Kit)
▶ Extra attendance gifts every day!

[Various dungeons that go together]
▶ Continue five dungeons at the same time, Game Idle Game !!
▶ Show the characteristic dragon by each dungeon!
▶ Find the weak points and manage equipment and heroes!

[Easy and fun to improve equipment]
▶ Strengthen and combine casting equipment!
▶ Get and upgrade legendary equipment!
▶ Feel its strength immediately after strengthening and combining

[Strengthen yourself with your own village]
▶ Develop your own village differently from the others
▶ Raise your own village's ability according to your taste!
▶ Let's find a shortcut that strengthens fast!

[Gather various heroes]
▶ Collect various types of heroes and others with various abilities!
▶ Place them to fit the equipment and basement!

[Getting the legendary equipment]
▶ If you collect the materials needed, there must be legendary equipment to get!
▶ Be the first to get good and strong equipment!

[Let's go for a first place]
▶ Various ranking systems anyone can easily enjoy!
▶ Who is the winner ?! Come challenge now!

Dragon Raid (Hardcore – idle rpg) Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold / Diamonds / Rebirth Points / Magic Powders /Tickets)

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