Dragon Castle Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency)

Dragon Castle Mod Apk
Dragon Castle Mod Apk Welcome to Dragon Castle, where you are in charge of the Castle that aims to create the most amazing dragons, along with their habitat.
Once you are in charge, it is up to you to feed the dragon and provide a comfortable environment for your dragon to develop. Remember you only have one chance to breed the meanest, funniest, strongest dragons in the world, and are known throughout the world!

the features

- Free to play!
- Various kinds of interesting dragons
- Realistic university-style hostel (habitat) for all your dragons.
- The mechanism of interbreeding, which gives very realistic results!
- Manage habitats like you do in real life - this includes feeding your animals and regulating food sources among animals
- Attract visitors to the university by decorating your habitat with interesting unique decoration items
- Beautiful animations and sounds. Everything will feel as realistic as if it were happening in real life, right before your eyes!

Dragon Castle Mod Apk (Unlimited Currency)

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