Double Head Shark Attack Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins/Diamonds)

Double Head Shark Attack Mod Apk
Double Head Shark Attack Mod Apk Double Head Shark Attack is a thriller simulation game from Bigcode Games. Welcome to the world of underwater simulator sharks that are ready to hunt their prey. Hunt for your target on the beach & underwater like animals or humans given in gameplay & survive until the end. Eat and add power to 100 delicious and dangerous creatures in the water such as baby sharks, jellyfish, fish, etc. This Underwater simulation game has an amazing quality, 3D graphics, and cool sound effects that will drive you crazy. Wow, I am very happy to get a double-headed shark to dress up with strange costumes such as hats, weapons, headphones, hammers, axes, wands & many other interesting accessories waiting for you to explore. This shark simulator is giant & cooler than before just waiting to attack. This is the deadliest simulation game from underwater shark games.
Features of Double-headed Shark Attack:

* Free Simulation Game
* Open 10+ Shark Species
* Solve all unique missions
* Eat surprising with offers
* Realistic Beaches & Underwater Environments
* Smooth, Easy & Addictive Gameplay
* Extraordinary Visual & Sound Effects
* The coolest water game to play

Double Head Shark Attack Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins/Diamonds)

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