DESERTOPIA Mod Apk (Unlimited energy)

DESERTOPIA Mod Apk DESERTOPIA is a unique simulation game because nothing is long-lived. You will explore remote islands and nurture new species along with a variety of different accidental events. Utopia or mirage? That's all your choice!
The basic idea of ​​this game comes from our world, Earth. Unlike other simulation games, the core concept of DESERTOPIA is nothing else in this game. Water cycles fluctuate, animals will flourish or become extinct, and your lush forests may be prone to desertification. The world you create is always changing, just like the world we live in.

- Feel relaxed in the world of picture book style.
- Special game mechanism: All things always change, nothing is long-lived in this game.
- Dynamic background music mixing technique: Background music will change with the abundance of your island.
- Up to 50 types of creatures and 10 types of landscapes to explore.
- Several random events and choices affect the development of the island.

DESERTOPIA Mod Apk (Unlimited energy)

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