Dawn Crisis: Survivors Mod Apk (A large amount of currency)

 Dawn Crisis: Survivors Mod Apk
Forest at dawn, surrounded by crises.
You can see, eyes flickering like ghosts.
You can hear, Mourning from Hell.
You can smell, blood rotten breath and death.
This is the gap between the world of doom. Life is still alive.
Take your weapon, stay alive until the last dawn.

Keep hope
The world has fallen. Viruses, infectious agents, and harsh living conditions threaten the lives of survivors at all times.
There is hope only when alive.

To live, be strong
Every animal attack, zombie madness can improve your skills and talents. Increase your survival rate in the next battle.

Choose a weapon
Choose from hundreds of firearms and weapons to improve your zombie killing abilities. Restore the true feeling of shooting.

Monster evolution
Different species are formed after infection in humans and monsters. See how they attack

Dawn Crisis: Survivors Mod Apk (A large amount of currency).

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